Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10-2-17 Sun and Moon

I started today's lesson by asking the children "When we see the moon, we can't see the sun.  Where to do you think the sun goes?"  I then invited the children to decorate a moon and a sun.  

We decided to paint the moon gray.  Because I didn't have any gray paint, we discussed how to make it using other colors.  Through thought and discussion the children decided that we should mix black and white together to make gray.


To make the moon itself, we took a souffle cup,  stretched it out and flattened it down.  We then painted the entire "moon" gray. 

We then used a little souffle cup, turned it upside down, and dipped it in some black paint.  We then gently pushed it down onto the "moon" to make the craters. 

And here is the final product.  So cute!!  :) 

To make the sun, we cut out the middle of a paper plate and painted it yellow.  As we were painting, we discussed how the Earth spins, so during the day we see the sun and at night we see the moon.

We then cut some triangles out of yellow paper to make the sun rays.

While we were waiting for our projects to dry, we took turns telling and acting out stories about what happens when the sun is up and when the moon shines.  Let's just say, I have some very creative kids.  LOL

After the yellow paint was dry, we attached the sun rays to the sun with a stapler.  Look how cute the sun turned out.  Great job, guys!!  :)